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“We had our first Analytics FTE joining imminently, and wanted a clean data environment for them to inherit. Minimal Data audited our current workflows and designed a project to ensure that our new hire could provide value immediately. The project was completed on-time as expected, and our new team member was able to hit the ground running. Earns our full endorsement.”

Portrait of Rokoko COO & CFO Mikkel Lucas Overby
Mikkel Lucas Overby

“Minimal Data has proven to be an exceptional asset to our business. Not only are their BI reports an integral part of our daily operations and strategic communication, they also designed a robust product tracking framework that our development team has successfully adopted and maintained for over a year. Highly recommend!”

Portrait of Tiimo co-founder Helene Lassen Nørlem
Helene Lassen Nørlem

“Minimal Data's profound expertise in forecasting and sales funnel data analysis quickly brought clarity and simplicity to our sales strategies. I highly recommend them for their deep understanding, technical competency, and the measurable impact they deliver.”

Portrait of Woomio co-founder Zeth Kragholm Edwardsen
Zeth Kragholm Edwardsen

“We were surprised at how quickly the process enabled a straightforward, productive conversation about our go-to-market plan. We're stepping into our funding conversations more confidently, knowing we have the support of Minimal Data behind us!”

Portrait of GoListo co-founder Jesper Balzar
Jesper Balzar

“Minimal Data quickly understood what our business needed and simplified our complex marketplace into a sturdy data warehouse model. Now, one of our junior team members has confidently taken over our reporting tasks with ease and is able to build new models within the data warehouse. Thanks to Minimal Data, our data management is efficient, and our team can focus on what we do best.”

Portrait of Relocately sales operations manager Jurriaan Steenbreker
Jurriaan Steenbreker
Sales operations manager

“Minimal Data has been essential for Erhvervshus Sjælland to achieve a simple, easily accessible basis for making data-driven decisions. Their ability to not only structure, but also advise on visualization and establishing core parameters has been crucial. Today we have sharp dashboards where we follow our development live and with a data model that can easily be translated into valuable knowledge.”

Portrait of Erhvershus Sjælland head of projects Stefan Poulsen
Stefan Poulsen
Erhvershus Sjælland
Head of projects
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Portrait of Christian Sassano
Christian Sassano
Head advisor
Strategy & implementation
Portrait of Olmo Rauba
Olmo Rauba
Strategy & implementation
Portrait of Jonas Krøner
Jonas Krøner
Software engineer
Tooling & design

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